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Tuesday, 15 July, 2014

Sr Rosemary Revell Garden Project (I)

Sr Rosemary Revell is a Sister of Mercy and is involved in a Garden Project in Ellerslie which is called Papatuanuku ki Taurangi Earth Promise Centre. Together with Sr Teresa Anderson and Sr Bridget Crisp she encourages and supports the development of family gardens. Sr Rosemary is especially involved in organic and sustainable practices to care for the soil. At Earth Promise Centre she is the "Compost Queen� who knows all about how to get the right compost for nutritious soil. In 2012 Sr Rosemary was awarded the title NZ Gardener of the Year. Sr Rosemary talks about her childhood and how she always had a passion for gardening, and how she came from being a trained nurse to being a teacher, carer and gardener in a garden where she works with and for disadvantaged people. The garden work educates and feeds needy families in East Auckland.

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