Cantonese Programmes


Accommodation - Buying (Cantonese)

Accommodation - Connecting to utilities (Cantonese)

Accommodation - Renting (Cantonese)

Accommodation - Temporary (Cantonese)

Communications - mail (Cantonese)

Communications - telephone, mobile, internet (Cantonese)

Education - Children 5-17 years (Cantonese)

Education- Parents get involved (Cantonese)

English - for speakers of other languages (Cantonese)

English - translation and interpreting services (Cantonese)

Finding Information (Cantonese)

Foundation North Funding (Cantonese)

Health and Disability Services - Your Rights (Cantonese)

Health services (Cantonese)

Settlement Assistance (Cantonese)

Transport - buying and owning a vehicle (Cantonese)

Transport - Driving (Cantonese)

Transport - public and hire (Cantonese)

Voting in the General Election (Cantonese)

Working - Job search (Cantonese)

Working - Kiwi experience (Cantonese)

Working - Starting your own business (Cantonese)

Working - The Basics (Cantonese)

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