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How to record someone away from the studio

Programme makers at Planet FM can hire recorders for a minimal rate to take to locations for offsite interviews. Here are a couple of printable downloads that'll help you make a quality recording.  You can patch your phone into the broadcast desk but be sure you have good mic quality and a viable file size.


PDF - Marantz recorder operations

PDF - No distortion please 

Using  your Smart Phone as a recording device.

Most smart phones have voice recorders built into them that can be useful for recording interviews with people, outside of the studio environment. Here’s some tips on how best to use your smart phone in such a scenario.

  • Locate where your voice recorder is on your smart phone and open it.
  • You should then see some controls, not to dissimilar to those found on old tape recorders.
  • Before conducting your interview, you should take some time to make a few test recordings, so that you both familiarise with the voice recorder feature and can see how loud or low the recordings play back.
  • Note that the microphone on your smart phone is located on the bottom of your phone, so you will need to hold your phone upside-down, with the microphone pointed towards and quite close to, the speaker - just as you would if you were holding a regular mic.
  • Make sure you conduct your recording in a quiet place.


  • Once you have finished your recording, make sure to SAVE IT. At this point, depending on the smart phone you own, you can possibly email this to yourself or download it onto your laptop or store with a traceable name in the recording app on your phone.
  • See the Patch Box PDF for how to patch devices into the live desk.

The above tips are generic and you may need to consult your phone’s manual for specific tasks.

Also note some phones are better at recording good audio quality than others, so you may find that either your phone is a great tool for recording interviews or it might not quite as good as you hope.  However, it’s still well worth trying out and can be a really convenient way to record.



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