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Laws I must maintain

Access Community Radio Ak Inc contracts with users of the facility that they will uphold the laws of New Zealand and will abide by the rules of the Broadcasting Standards Association.  Our mantra is that you use your airtime as a tool not a weapon. 

The BSA has detailed information on their website on the Radio Code and about How to Complain.

BSA info -

Broadcasting Code -  

Copies of the code are available in several languages as well as English, including te reo Māori, gagana Sāmoa, Hindi, Punjabi and Korean.


The laws of NZ which should be best understood by community broadcasters are those applying to defamation:

PDF - Defamation 101 

PDF  - DEFAMATION – A Lawyer’s Workshop

What is Delay?

Delay is a set of buttons used in live talkback settings and allows the host to drop the call before it becomes legally dangerous.  When you join Planet FM as a broadcaster you’ll be asked about your intentions for the use of talkback and advised on how to apply it.


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