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Being waterwise

Sunday 11/08/2019

Auckland's water reserves are a lot lower than they should be and from May 16 restrictions will be in place, meaning Auckland residents will not be permitted to use an outdoor hose or waterblaster. It will take a lot of rain to get our city's water levels up to where they should be and we all need to be doing our bit to cut down on water use and reduce wastage.

Watercare offers plenty of tips on minimising water waste, and here are some basic ones that every household can start with:

  • Use the half-flush when flushing the toilet
  • Wash full loads whenever possible. This will save water and energy.
  •  When hand-washing dishes, fill a bowl or tub instead of filling the whole sink. When rinsing, don't keep the tap running longer than you need to
  • Use a bowl to scrub vegetables in the kitchen sink. You can pour the water on your plants.
  • Empty your water bottles onto your plants instead of in the sink
  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving. You will use around 1 litre of water instead of 5 litres.
  •  Limit showers to four minutes or less.
  • Use a bucket to catch water while the shower warms up. You can pour this water on your garden afterwards



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