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Goodbye Carrington Road

Friday 01/04/2022

Covid restrictions meant we didn't get to give our old premises the ceremonious send-off it deserved, but on March 31 we shut the doors for the final time on our studios at 79 Carrington Road.

Delays to the construction of our new premises have meant we're now "between buildings" but with the dedication of our small team and amazing programme makers, we are still going to air. 

We'll be excited to be broadcasting from our "forever home" before too long, but for now we want to say a deeply heartfelt thank you to the members, staff and many guests who passed through our Carrington Road station and made it "home" for nearly fifteen years. 

Studios 1, 2 and 3 post-decommission


So many cables, so many boxes, and the Planet sign awaits its new home.

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