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Gumboot Friday

Friday 05/04/2019

For people struggling with depression, it can feel like walking through mud every day. So on Friday 5 April 2019, we're asking you to show your support. Put your gumboots on, give a gold coin, and take a walk in their shoes for just one day.

Gumboot Friday is about raising awareness of mental health challenges and raising funds for schoolkids to receive free counselling – a service that is currently not resourced to meet the overwhelming needs of youth in Aotearoa.

Asking for help can be incredibly hard for those who most need it, so reaching out to offer help first can be a positive difference in tackling the hard stuff. That can be as simple as asking someone how they’re doing and taking the time to really listen. Even if you don’t have the answers, acknowledgement and respect of a person and whatever they’re dealing with can help break down the stigma that makes conversations around stress, anxiety and depression so challenging. We are not individually responsible for the health statistics in this country, but we can be responsible in looking out for those around us and for showing care, kindness and compassion.

Visit to find out more about the work being done to increase awareness and provide support for positive mental health initiatives.

For immediate support and advice:

Lifeline: 0800 543 354 or (09) 522 2999 or free text 4357 (HELP)

Youthline: 0800 376 633

Samaritans: 0800 726 666


Wellness programmes on Planet FM:

Te Ama Pasefika Health  - 11.35am Tuesdays on 104.6FM  

Take It From Us – 12.30pm Tuesdays on 104.6FM  

Mou’i Lelei Toulekeleka  - 7.40pm on 104.6FM

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