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Friday 20/05/2022

It isn't every day you can do something to save someone's life, but that's exactly what you do every time you donate blood. In the last 20 years over half a million lives have been saved, thanks to kiwis donating blood. It’s the ultimate renewable resource! If you haven’t donated before, or if it’s been a while since your last donation, why not book in?

Giving Blood is giving the gift of life to someone who needs it. It may be someone in your whānau, hapu or iwi, or someone in your community. It may be a new born baby, someone's Mum, Aunty or cousin. Whoever it is, they will be grateful for this gift.

Giving blood is safe and easy. The whole process takes about an hour, including the initial check-up and the rest period afterward, where you will be offered a hot drink and a biscuit. If you’re worried you’ll be bored or nervous, you can bring something to distract yourself such as a book or music/podcast to listen to. There are donor centres in Manukau, Epsom and Takapuna. Click here to find your nearest centre or to see if there’s a mobile blood centre near you.

You may be eligible to be a blood donor if you:

  • Are a new donor aged 16-65 years (but before 66th birthday)
  • Are a regular donor aged up to 70 years (but before 71st birthday)
  • Weigh at least 50kg.
  • Are not engaging in any high risk behaviour that may expose you to HIV (the AIDS virus) and other viruses
  • Are in good health

For information on how to donate and to confirm that you’re eligible, visit or call 0800 448 325 | 0800 GIVE BLOOD

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